Infestation: the Problem of Invasive Plants in Maine

Wednesday, May 10.

Ecologist Aleta McKeage of Belfast will discuss invasive plants, one of the primary threats to environmental health that we face today.

Invasive plants take over natural areas, crowding out native species and changing wildlife habitats. We will learn which plants present the worst problems in our area, how to identify them, what they do to the ecosystem, and most importantly, how we can control them.  We will observe striking examples of invasive plant infestations as well as successful control management that is being employed to combat invasive plants locally. McKeage specializes in land stewardship and restoration integrated with outreach and community building. She is an expert in invasive plant biology and control and restoration of native plant communities in natural areas as well as human-influenced landscapes.

The programs are open to the public. There is a recommended donation of $5.00. They take place on the second Wednesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. in the new cafe space, 93 Main,  93 Main St., Unity. For more information, please contact or phone 207-948 -3766

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