Albert J. Sousa Preserve, Burnham

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Acquired in 2013, the Albert J. Sousa Preserve offers fields and forest and foot access to the Sebasticook River and 25-Mile Stream for hunting and fishing.  There are no formal trails at this time.

Project support provided by the Maine Natural Resource Conservation Program, Land for Maine’s Future Program, The Nature Conservancy, Elmina B. Sewall Foundation, Davis Conservation Foundation, Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund, William Wharton Foundation, John Sage Foundation and local donors.


Directions From the SRLT office at 93 Main St., Unity, to Albert J. Sousa Preserve, Burnham, ME:

Take a Left onto Rt. 139/School St. from Main Street
Travel 1.1mi to Prairie Rd.
Travel 5.7mi (it changes to S. Horseback Rd. after 1.7mi but it is the same road).
At the intersection with the blinking red light, take a left onto Troy Rd. and travel 2.9 miles.
The preserve is on both sides of the road by the old Burnham Village School.  There is an informational kiosk next to the school.
Parking is on the road shoulder at this time.

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