Doug Wescott, Treasurer

10999714_970614972949923_6249677088706657723_nBorn in Connecticut, Doug Wescott has been enjoying the outdoors his entire life, whether by camping, hiking, birding, or introducing his two grandsons to the beauty of nature. He has worked for several nonprofits, from the San Diego River Park Foundation and San Diego Archaeological Center, up to a very large medical foundation. He has also served as a volunteer for these and other nonprofit organizations.In 2005, he earned the Fund Raising Certificate from The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University.
He served on the Serra Mesa Planning Group, City of San Diego, from 2004 to 2010, and as its chair for five terms. This is an advisory group which reviews and makes recommendations to the Planning Commission and City Council on all proposed development and infrastructure projects in the Serra Mesa community.

He is married to Kathleen Wescott, Director of Disaster Behavioral Health for the State of Maine, and has two grown children and two grandsons.

I am thrilled to be invited to serve on the Board of the Trust because I believe very strongly that one, without the work of the Trust and organizations like it, we and future generations would lose two essential parts of the sustainable Earth, small farms and natural habitat, and two, that it is imperative that each and every person actively participate in protecting and improving the world, for future generations thrive and enjoy.