Christmas Bird Count

Christmas Bird Count Seeks Feeder Watchers and Field Observers!

The Sebasticook Regional Land Trust (SRLT) invites all interested birders to participate in the Unity Christmas Bird Count (CBC) on Saturday December 16.

This event contributes to the North American database for the National Audubon Society’s CBC which is now in its 118th year. Birders of all skill levels are welcome at any level of participation.
A CBC count is a tally of individuals of all bird species seen or heard during one 24-hour period within a 7.5 mile radius. The Unity CBC circle is centered at the intersection of Quaker Hill Road and Route 202/9 in Unity and is divided into sectors, each of which is assigned to a team of birders.
Observers may also choose to watch birds at their home feeders if they are within the circle and record sightings during the day of the count.
SRLT will provide volunteers with instructions, bird lists, data sheets and the final results of the tally.
All who participate in the Unity CBC are also invited to the SRLT’s event at 93 Main St. in Unity at 4:30 PM where we will enjoy pizza and tally the birds found during the day.

SRLT will also sponsor another CBC in Hartland on December 23. This count is centered just south of St. Albans and extends from the south side of Great Moose Lake to the west side of Sebasticook Lake. The count will be run similarly to the Unity count, as explained above. If you have computer access and would like more information on the CBC, see this link –

For more information or to sign up for either count, please email Tom Aversa at If you do not have email, you can call Tom at 948 8593.

Report on Masse Dam Event

From the Alewife Restoration Initiative:

On Saturday Nov. 11, ARI sponsored a public open house to show off the site of the recently removed Masse Dam in Vassalboro and discuss the project, and answer questions. Despite the bitter cold it attracted about 40 interested people, a cross-section of local citizens, and others from the area, including one of our donors, Jim McDougal and representatives from the China Lake Association.  Landis Hudson of Maine Rivers was the chief spokesperson along with Nate Gray of Maine DMR.  SRLT  was  represented by Dan Hill, and Brandon Kulik. Dan spoke about our role in monitoring and managing invasive species; Brandon said a few words about SRLT’s mission and how this project fits in with that, and discussed  stream channel and habitat dynamics after a dam removal.  There were many good questions from those in attendance and largely very positive reaction from the community.

Frank Richards took the attached photographs (left to right: Dan, Landis, Matt Streeter (PM for the restoration work), Brandon Kulik, and Nate Gray.

“Monitoring Maine’s Great Blue Herons Across State and International Borders”

Thank you Danielle D’Auria for a wonderful talk and thank you all for a full house.

Danielle D’Auria is a wildlife biologist who works in the Bird Group of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. She focuses on understanding statewide populations of colonial wading birds, secretive marsh birds, black terns, loons, and other rare water birds. Since 2009, she has spent a majority of her time researching why great blue herons have undergone a decline along Maine’s coast.


A Pleasant And Scholarly Paddle On Pleasant Lake

“A person could write an entire dissertation on the variety of pondweeds in Pleasant Lake,”

Mark Whiting

 We were a flotilla of nine boats on Pleasant Lake in Stetson.  It was a gorgeous summer day and Mark, a former DEP staffer and active Maine VLMP volunteer, guided the group of novice aquatic plant patrollers. The event was organized by Sebasticook Regional Land Trust (SRLT) and Maine VLMP provided aquatic scopes and materials.

We made our way along the shoreline to a picnic area located on Pleasant Lake Preserve, an SRLT property, for lunch.  Afterwards, we examined our hoard of aquatic plant  samples, which were spread out  on white trays placed on the picnic table.  Besides many pondweed species, the usual suspects of native carnivorous bladderwort and common waterweed were identified. By the end of the day, participants were able to distinquish between the different plant groups and had learned key distinctions of invasive plants. Dissertations on pondweeds may follow. 🙂

Work Day Sunday – Masse Dam

A job well  done at the Masse dam site 

The work is part of the Alewife Restoration Initiative collaborative project with Maine Rivers.

SRLT is Looking for Volunteers!

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Sebasticook Regional Land Trust.

crewThere is a role for everyone, from working with children to leading excursions to serving on a committee… and much more!  Whether you can give us several hours a week or a few hours a year, we need your help.  Please take a couple of minutes to download the SRLT Volunteer Interest Form  below and return it to mail (P.O. Box 184, Unity, ME 04988).

 SRLT Volunteer Interest Form