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These lands are open year round for public use. Please note the various icons (example-          ) that go along with each property. Please consider becoming a member, making a donation, and/or volunteering so that we may be able to keep these lands clean, healthy, and accessible. We follow carry-in/ carry-out principles. 

       To see information for each preserve or easement, click on the links below

Interested in hunting or trapping on SRLT land?  Contact us at and we will get back to you.   Please read this first! 

A special thanks to our land stewards!


Albert J. Sousa Preserve, Burnham ME:  Tom Aversa

Cambridge Woodlands Preserve, Cambridge ME:  Frank Hayman

Fowler Bog Preserve, Unity ME:  Daniel Hill

Freedom Forest Preserve, Freedom ME:  Frank Siviski & Adri Bessenaire

Great Moose Wetlands Preserve, Hartland ME: Frank Hayman

Great Farm Brook Preserve, Jackson ME:  Billy Ashton

Kanokolus Bog Preserve, Unity ME:  Ron Waldron

Moulton's Mill Preserve, Unity ME:  needs steward

Pleasant Lake Preserve, Stetson ME:  Jeff Guesman

Richardson Memorial Preserve, Thorndike ME:  Doug Miller & Tom Aversa

Rines Wetlands & Wildlife Preserve, Unity ME:  Barry Stoodley

Wesley Road Wetlands Preserve, Unity ME:  Ellen Batchelder

Easement properties:

Easement Properties are privately owned lands

Carlson Woods trail and Connor Mill Trail are open

to the public,  on other properties permissions should

be acquired from the  land owners.

Albion Bread Farm, Albion ME:  Tom Aversa

Carlson Woods, Unity ME:  Ron Waldron

Connor Mill trail, Unity ME:  Ron Waldron

Lawrence Family Farm, Benton ME:  Adri Bessenaire

Mullen Woods, Newport, ME:  Jeff Guesman & Jeff Giallombardo

Prairie Road Wetlands  Unity ME:  Rick Lawrence

Woodsong Farm, Unity ME:  Pat Allen

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