Stewards of the land & wildlife

Sebasticook Regional Land Trust (SRLT) was formed in 2004 as the  Friends of Unity Wetlands, a group of committed and energetic volunteers with great  vision and the beginnings of a plan for how to get there.  More than 3,600 acres and 750 children and families later, the vision is becoming reality. The original vision – to conserve a wild and working landscape brimming with economic and ecological value – continues to be our driving force.  Our programs are focused on land conservation, habitat restoration and public education.

We are currently an all volunteer organization.


Sebasticook Regional Land Trust is a membership-supported conservation association working to conserve and restore the lands and waters of the Sebasticook River Watershed in Central Maine.  Our program areas include land conservation, habitat restoration and environmental education.

As a land trust, the SRLT works with landowners to help them voluntarily protect their land for future generations.  In our first ten years, the SRLT and its landowner partners have ensured the permanent protection of 4,000 acres of wild and working lands. 

Some of these lands (approx. 1800 acres) remain in private ownership, forever conserved through a legal tool called a conservation easement.  Other lands (approx. 2200 acres) are now owned by the SRLT; these Community Lands are managed for public recreation, wildlife, forestry and agriculture.

In 2014, the SRLT and its partners launched the Alewife Restoration Initiative, a collaborative effort to restore access to China Lake for alewife and other migratory fish.  The project involves restoring passage at six barriers on Outlet Stream, either through dam removal or fish ladder construction.  The ARI offers local and regional benefits to the ecosystem, water quality and economy.