SRLT Board of Directors

Doug Wescott, Chair

Doug has worked for several nonprofits, from the San Diego River Park Foundation and San Diego Archaeological Center, up to a very large medical foundation. He has also served as a volunteer for these and other nonprofit organizations. In 2005, he earned the Fund Raising Certificate from The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University.
He served on the Serra Mesa Planning Group, City of San Diego, from 2004 to 2010, and as its chair for five terms. This is an advisory group which reviews and makes recommendations to the Planning Commission and City Council on all proposed development and infrastructure projects in the Serra Mesa community.

Brandon Kulik

Brandon Kulik is a fisheries biologist and avid outdoorsman.  Brandon and his family live in Winslow.  A founding member of Sebasticook River Watershed Association, he joined the SRLT Board in 2011 following the merger of the two organizations.

Tom Aversa, Secretary


Tom Aversa was born in Boston and graduated from University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  He has a life-long obsession with birds and all aspects of the natural world.  Early work experiences included stints with Massachusetts state parks, Massachusetts Audubon Society and both Boston zoos.  Tom relocated to Seattle in 1996 to work as a zookeeper and environmental educator presenting birds of prey programs at Woodland Park Zoo before moving back to New England in 2010 to settle in Central Maine.  His previous volunteer work includes assisting The Nature Conservancy, Washington Ornithological Society and Seattle Audubon.  He has co-authored three field guides on the birds of the Pacific Northwest and currently teaches as an adjunct instructor at Unity College.  He and his wife Cheryl live in Unity.


Lands Stewardship:
Tom Aversa- Chair
Frank Siviski
George Maendel
Ellen Bachelder
Aimee Phillippi
Robert Riversong
Don Phillips
Jeff Guesman
Tanya Braley
Habitat Restoration:
Brandon Kulik- Chair
Jennifer Clarke
Jeanne Siviski
Outreach & Development:
Doug Wescott
Deb Dutton
Deborah Dutton

Deborah Dutton grew up in Waldo County and is currently a Unity resident.  She joined the Board of SRLT in 2009. Deb is interested in land conservation for the preservation of natural places as well as agricultural lands. “I like sitting in nature and watching it unfold around me.  It is the magic we miss if we allow ourselves to be distracted by the superficial.  If I can capture it with photography and bring awareness to the need to protect it, I can feel I have served a purpose.” Deb and her partner, Dave Smith, placed their land under conservation easement with the SRLT in 2007, keeping the land reserved for traditional activities like farming, responsibly managed forestry and recreation.  The Hills to Sea Trail, managed for public use by the Waldo County Trails Coalition, crosses the property.

Jennifer Clarke

I have always had the goal of helping to preserve wildlands for wildlife, which matches the mission of the Sebasticook Regional Land Trust. Currently, I am a professor of Wildlife Biology at Unity College. Prior to coming to Unity in 2015, I was at Macquaire University, Sydney, Australia for 6 years teaching and researching behavior of endangered and threatened mammals. I was also a professor of Zoology for 20 years at the University of Northern Colorado, where my research focused on behavior of a variety of mammals plus ptarmigan and rattlesnakes. I firmly believe that education and experiences in the wild are critical in order for people to understand the importance of wild places and thus to act to preserve them.

Dr. Susan Colvin

Dr. Susan Colvin is an Assistant Professor of Sustainable Fisheries at Unity College in Maine. Her research focuses on studying fishes across aquatic ecosystems focusing on assemblage changes along gradients of stream size, type, measures of heterogeneity, and anthropogenic influence. She is interested in enhancing ecosystem-based conservation and management practices, with an emphasis on protecting Maine’s aquatic ecosystems. Colvin holds a Masters in fisheries from Oregon State University and Ph.D. in biological sciences from Auburn University.

Ellen Batchelder


Sebasticook Regional Land Trust has a mission to recognize and conserve the rich wild and working landscape of Central Maine’s Sebasticook River watershed.


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