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Please consider hunting with non-toxic ammunition

Bald Eagle Glaucous-winged Gull - Edmonds Marina - 2-7-17 7699.jpg

Please read the recent information made available by the Peregrine Fund below:

"A study recently released in the journal Science has demonstrated that lead poisoning is causing population-level effects on Bald and Golden Eagles nationwide.  Eagles ingest lead fragments after feeding on carcasses and gut piles of game animals shot with lead bullets.  Lead ammunition is designed to spread apart on impact and fragments can be found throughout carrion that eagles rely on for nutrition.  Hunters can help to solve this issue by choosing to switch to non-lead ammunition, like copper bullets, which remain intact upon impact. "

SRLT welcomes and encourages hunting on many of our holdings.  All we ask is that you request permission.

Also, please consider using non-lead ammunition on your hunt.  There are two great reasons to go “lead free”:


  • Lead fragments and buckshot kill Bald Eagles and other scavengers when they eat injured game or gut piles.


  • Lead fragments from venison or other meat poison you and your children.


If you do hunt with lead, please consider avoiding field dressing your kill on our properties.


When you arrive home, check for more information.  This excellent site explains how effective non-lead ammo has become and provides information on where to obtain it.

Lead in deer meat  contrast enhanced.jpg

Lead fragments in a package of venison

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