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Song sparrows are year-round residents in Maine, but perhaps this one is welcoming the many migratory songbirds arriving now and in coming days to rest, forage, or breed and nest in our local woods, wetlands, and fields.  It's a wonderful time to sharpen your birdwatching and listening skills, and the Sebasticook Regional Land Trust nature preserves are a great place to do this! We hope you will join us on upcoming field walks, or feel free to explore on your own. You can find details on our Community Lands and Trails page or contact us at info[at] if you have questions. We'd love to see you out on the trails or hear what you have seen on your walks! Happy Birdwatching!           Photo by Tom Aversa

  April 2023

  Of Birds and Bees and the Things They Need 

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Emerging from winter like grumpy, disoriented bears we may feel unwanted pressure from long “to-do” lists of spring projects. But what if we had good reasons to put off some of those things? Maybe take a walk in the woods instead…


Patience or procrastination? If you like the idea of slowing down and scaling back spring yard work read on. Read on…


The Connor Mill Trail in Unity, where SRLT holds an easement, was heavily impacted by the flooding of Sandy Stream this past winter and again in early May. With the help of volunteer crews led by Ron Waldron, Gerry Sawyer and Tom Aversa, the bridge at the head of the trail is now back in place along with two others farther along the trail. Great work by all who lent a helping hand! The complete trail is not officially open, as flood conditions persist at Bacon Brook - the metal bridge there is not in place yet and a final log bridge needs to be realigned when flood waters recede. We welcome new volunteers here and at our other preserves throughout the watershed. Please contact us at info[at] if you'd like to join our volunteer crew!




More info / RSVP here 

MAY 28, 2023 

Bird Walk at Unity Pond


Join us for a bird walk at Unity Pond, led by SRLT board chair Tom Aversa. Look and listen for newly arrived migratory birds and resident species alike.


JUNE 3, 2023

Sebasticook River Paddle

Led by Maine Guide Hauns Bassett, join us on a paddling excursion on the Sebasticook River during the annual alewife run.

JUNE 6, 2023 6-7:30 PM

Brown Ash Trees: Emerald Ash Borer and Efforts to Protect Trees in Maine


Newport Cultural Center 

Emily Francis, PhD candidate at UMaine School of Forest Resources, will present on  the importance of ash trees, the story of emerald ash borer (EAB), what is being done to protect ash trees and how you can help.


JUNE 10, 2023

Ecology Walk at Pleasant Lake Preserve


Wildlife biologist Alison Whitlock will guide us on an exploratory walk along the Cape and Loop trails at SRLT's beautiful Pleasant Lake Preserve in Stetson. Bird life abounds here: Loons, Northern Waterthrush, Scarlet Tanager, Sandhill Cranes and a variety of warblers among many others were seen and heard on a recent walk. 

JUNE 21, 2023 6:30 - 8 PM

Watershed Management in the Kennebec Water District 


Chace Forum, Waterville

Roger Crouse, KWD General Manager, and Robbie Bickford, Water Quality Manager, will provide an overview of water district management, forest stewardship  that protects the health of China Lake as a municipal water supply, and future plans for the district.


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Our next workday is JUNE 25, location TBD.


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RSU-3 Moulton 10.12.22

Thanks to the crew from RSU-3 for help working on the trails at our Moulton's Mill Preserve.  We all enjoyed observing the plants and animals of the preserve on a beautiful October day while opening trails, removing invasive plants and improving access for the public to this superb Unity lowland forest site along 25 Mile Stream.  

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