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Spring woodland ephemerals and ants have an interesting relationship. Many spring ephemerals such as Bloodroot, shown above, rely on myrmecophory, or ant seed dispersal, in addition to spreading through their rhizomes. Though they are not the only pollinators, ants are particularly good at accelerating germination of these early flowers. Native ants will seek out seeds from these woodland flowers specifically for their elaiosome, or the yummy lipid and protein-filled attachment on the outside of the seed coat. They take the seeds back to their nest where they consume the outer seed coat and discard the seed intact. Nestled amongst other organic material underground in the ant’s nesting area, the seeds have perfect protection and resources to begin germination! You can read more about spring ephemerals, as well as vernal pools, SRLT program updates and upcoming events in our spring newsletter - it will be in mailboxes soon!

Text by Adri Bessenaire | Photo by Cheryl Daigle



Thank you to our volunteer crew for helping to clear trails of downed trees at the Freedom Forest Preserve (above) and for getting the Bacon Brook Bridge in place at Connor Mill Trail in Unity. We will focus upcoming workdays on clearing trails and removing invasive plants at Richardson Memorial Preserve and Moulton's Mill. Hopefully you can join us in the future - it’s hard work but fun and always good to be outdoors! Learn more about volunteering.


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Sunday, May 19, 1 pm - 8 pm

Invasive Plant Identification and Management

Moulton's Mill Preserve

Route 139, Unity


Join Sebasticook Regional Land Trust and Waldo County Soil and Water Conservation District to learn about invasive plants, how they spread, and how to manage them to reduce their impacts on the health of the diverse natural habitats found in the Sebasticook River watershed.

Saturday, May 25, 9 am-1 pm 

Sebasticook River Paddle

Canoe Access below Benton Dam

Join Midcoast Conservancy and Sebasticook River Land Trust for an inspiring, 6-mile canoe/kayak paddle on the Sebasticook River. The spring alewife migration should be close to its peak, and we anticipate great wildlife viewing opportunities along the route.


Volunteer Work Days are typically held on the Last Sunday of the Month

(locations vary) with the exception of holiday weekends.


Rines Preserve


Our schedule has been updated.  Check our events page for details and newly scheduled events


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