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We are working on updating Forest Management Plans at four of our properties through funding from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. A recent exploration of relatively undisturbed floodplain forest at Moulton’s Mill Preserve across Twenty-five Mile Stream with Jon Doty of Two Trees Forestry highlighted the rich diversity in the number of tree and other plant species present. Hophornbeam, American basswood, bur oak, red oak, large black cherry trees, large pine, silver maple, blue beak (aka American hornbeam), lots of green ash were among the tree species. Ferns included cinnamon fern, sensitive fern, royal fern and several others, and low growing wildflowers included Canada mayflower, starflower, trillium, and meadow rue. Jon reports that the formerly cutover acreage adjacent to the floodplain forest habitat (prior to SRLT ownership) is regenerating very well with diverse species growing in. Emphasis for stewardship activities here will be on managing invasive honeysuckle and enhancing public accessPhoto by Cheryl Daigle



Thank you to our volunteer crews for helping to plant trees and shrubs at the Rines Preserve and clear trails of downed trees at the Freedom Forest Preserve (above). We will focus upcoming workdays on clearing trails and removing invasive plants at Richardson Memorial Preserve and Moulton's Mill. Hopefully you can join us in the future - it’s hard work but fun and always good to be outdoors! Learn more about volunteering.

Our next work day is Sunday, June 30, at Richardson Memorial Preserve in Unity - we will be clearing trails and removing invasive honeysuckle to enhance access to this beautiful trail system.

All of our programs are open to the public.  For a list of 2024 speaker series programs, field trips and other events click here or contact or 948-3766 for more information.  

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Wednesday, June 19

6:30 - 7:30 pm 

Managing Harvests to Benefit Grassland Birds

Visit SRLT’s Albion Bread Farm easement property to experience how forage harvest which maximizes grassland bird reproduction has increased Bobolink numbers and learn how you can do the same. Landowners here have delayed cutting prime habitat until grassland birds fledge.

Saturday, June 22

10 am - 1:30 pm 

Sebasticook River Paddle in Pittsfield

Peltoma Bridge Boat Landing

Explore a beautiful section of the mainstream Sebasticook River in Pittsfield by canoe or kayak, a relaxing trip with opportunities for birdwatching and looking for signs of other wildlife along the way. Followed by gathering at Outland Farm Brewery.

Tuesday, June 25

4:30 pm - 6:30 pm 

Managing Small Woodlots for Wildlife

Cambridge Woodlands Preserve

Join us for a tour and discussion about forestry practices that enhance wildlife habitat with USFWS biologist Hannah Mullally and MDIF&W wildlife biologist Joe Roy. This program is offered in partnership with the Maine Woodland Owners (


Volunteer Work Days are typically held on the Last Sunday of the Month

(locations vary) with the exception of holiday weekends.


Richardson Preserve

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