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The Connor Mill Trail in Unity offers a great opportunity to see the dynamic shoreline of Sandy Stream come to life in spring. We are weeks away from the leaf out shown above, but check it out in March and early April to see the buds pop and look for hints of ferns and wildflowers as they begin their movement upward where the woodland meets the edge of the stream. The loop trail is open, although be prepared for some muddy sections. The bridge across Bacon Brook will be reinstalled on our volunteer work day on April 28 .



Nature is even more in tune with the seasonal progression so once the days lengthen significantly in mid- to late February, animals and plants begin to revive themselves from their low activity winter periods.  Plant buds begin to swell in preparation for the increased solar radiation which will allow their emergence later in the season. Hearing a ruckus up above you? Some birds like Great Horned Owls and ravens begin to pair and find nesting sites.


One of the most exciting events is witnessing increased activities among central Maine’s mammal populations...



Mink on Sandy Stream, photo by Tom Aversa.


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Thank you to our volunteer crew for helping to clear trails of downed trees at the Moulton's Mill Preserve (above) and Kanokolus Bog Preserve (below). Storms in this past December and January took down trees at many of our properties, and we will focus additional workdays on clearing trails at Richardson Memorial Preserve, the Connor Mill Trail, and Freedom Forest Preserve. Hopefully you can join us in the future - it’s hard work but fun and always good to be outdoors! Learn more about volunteering.



APRIL 17, 6:30 - 8 pm

Understanding Land Surveying

Benton Grange Hall

29 River Rd., Benton


Professional land surveyor Frank Siviski will shed light on the seemingly mysterious world of boundary determinations and help landowners understand how surveys are created and how their goals shape the outcome.

Volunteer Work Days are typically held on the Last Sunday of the Month

(locations vary) but we will be adding an extra day mid-month to clean up from recent storms.


Freedom Forest Preserve


Connor Mill Trail


Our schedule has been updated.  Check our events page for details and newly scheduled events

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