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Trail Description

The Cape trail is the main corridor at Pleasant Lake Preserve.  To access this and other trails in the preserve network, begin at the trailhead behind the kiosk at the east end of the parking area.  Follow the blue-blazed connector trail to the old tote road and continue approximately 3/4 mile through private land and dense mixed forest to a junction marked by a small trail kiosk that directs you left to the Cape trail.  Continue a short distance to the causeway that crosses the wetland and marks the true entrance of the preserve and beginning of the trail.  It is here you’ll enjoy the first of many viewpoints for bird watching or peace of mind.  Just beyond the causeway, the Cape trail veers right and continues 0.6 mile through the heart of the “Cape”, as the land donor, Kent Hewitt, calls it.  The trail is the remnants of an old skidder road and one that is relatively easy to traverse, except for a short section of corduroy bridging across a wet area that can be slippery, so beware.  Continue through the beautiful mixed forest with a tall canopy of hardwoods and conifers to the eastern tip of the preserve.  There you can rest and enjoy one of four picnic tables built and donated by a local scout troop.


The Shoreline trail offers more of a woodland trail experience with many fine viewpoints of the extensive wetlands that surround the preserve.  After crossing the causeway, a trail kiosk directs you left on the blue-over-white blazed trail.  The first .2-mile follows the remnants of an old skidder road to a trail kiosk directing straight ahead to the first of many viewpoints of the wetlands.  Turning right at the kiosk, the trail continues approximately 1-mile through a dense mix of conifers along the shore of the outlet stream of Pleasant Lake over rocks and ledges.  In the spring, you may encounter some wet areas along the lower sections of the trail until we can prepare some bog-bridging.  This segment of the Shoreline trail connects back with the Cape Trail at the east end of the preserve where you’ll find another trail kiosk providing directional information.


The second segment of the Shoreline trail is accessed from the Cape trail approximately 1/4 mile east of the causeway.  This is blazed blue-over-white too and is a short .2-mile trek to the south shore picnic grove, originally set up by a local area scout troop to include the construction and placement of two picnic tables.  The grove is situated under a canopy of large pines and hemlocks and is a great place to relax or enjoy some fishing, if you prefer. 


The Loop Connector is a yellow-blazed trail that connects the Cape and Shoreline Trails.  It traverses the highest section of the preserve through a nice stand of beech and oak that transitions to a mix of conifers as you approach the north shore and outlet stream.  The Loop connector crosses the Shoreline Trail and terminates at the north shore landing for kayaks and canoes.  Here you’ll find the last of 4 picnic tables to rest and take in the view.  NOTE: You can access this landing and other points around the preserve by boat from the public launch located off Rt 143 at the outlet of Pleasant Lake.

We hope you enjoyed your visit. 

If you have any comments, questions or problems, feel free to contact the steward at

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