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Speaker Series PDFs, Videos and Other Resources

Beginning with Habitat

Corinne Michaud-LeBlanc, Climate Coordinator for Maine's Beginning with Habitat program, gave two presentations introducing the program to audiences in Waterville and Newport.  The second presentation focused on rare species found within the Sebasticook River Watershed and how climate change is making these plants and wildlife more vulnerable. She discussed strategies for climate resilience focused on examples within the SRLT service area, and a video of this presentation can be found here.

Michaud-LeBlanc also shared these additional resources in response to audience questions:


Beginning with Habitat Interactive web viewer


Online map database


Focus Area descriptions


Culvert guidance and funding

Maine Stream Habitat Viewer:


Municipal Stream Crossing Upgrade Grant Program:

Stream Smart guidance and resources:


Private Lands Management


Beginning with Habitat landowner resources:


Maine Forest Service landowner resources:

PDFs of Presentations

Beginning with Habitat Part I

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